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What Is The Diameter Of The Sun?

What Is The Diameter Of The Sun?

The diameter of the sun is approximately 864,575.9 miles. This distance describes a straight line going through the center of the sun, from one side to the next. To get an idea about how massive the sun truly is, the diameter of Earth is 7,917.5 miles.

The Shape and Size of the Sun

The largest object in the solar system is the sun. Approximately 99.8 percent of the system’s mass is held by the sun. You can see by looking at the differences in diameter above that compared to the Earth, the sun is approximately 109 times the diameter. This means that inside the sun, you could fit about one million Earths.

When you look at the shape of the sun, it is almost a perfect sphere. There is only a difference of 6.2 miles between the polar diameter and the equatorial diameter. The total circumference is approximately 2,713,406 miles.

Now, while in this solar system, it is the biggest structure, it is just average in size when you look at other stars elsewhere in space. For example, the star Betelgeuse is nearly 700 times larger than the sun. When it comes to brightness, it is nearly 14,000 times brighter.

Fun Facts About the Sun

The sun is a type of star and it is located approximately 93 million miles from Earth. Its energy travels outward. The core of this start is made up of different dense and hot gases. The temperature is approximately 27 million degrees Fahrenheit.

You can see that the sun is absolutely massive, especially compared to Earth. Compared to the moon associated with Earth that comes in at 2,159 miles in diameter, the sun is certainly one of the largest structures that you can see from where you are on Earth.

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