What Is Space Time?

what is space time?

What Is Space Time?


Space time involves the concepts of three-dimensional space and time regarded as fused in a continuum that is four-dimensional. In physics, this is best described as a type of mathematical model.

Why Use a Space Time Diagram?

This type of diagram is helpful when it comes to understanding and visualizing various relativistic effects. For example, how different people perceive when and where events occur.

How Was Space Time Discovered?

The assumption that was held until around the turn of the twentieth century was that the universe’s three-dimensional geometry was distinct from time. However, in 1905, Albert Einstein made a discovery that changed this and it was referred to as the special theory of relativity. He theorized that there is a definite value, or a constant, concerning the speed of light through empty space. He further theorized that this is independent of the light source’s motion. This theory took the concept a step further than previous theories that were similar, including Poincare’s electrodynamic theory and Lorentz’s theory of electromagnetic phenomena.

Examining the Theory of Relativity

To put it simply, the special theory of relativity says that physics laws remain the same for all observers that are not accelerating. He was able to show that within a vacuum, the speed of light remains the same no matter how fast or slow an observer is traveling.

After 10 years of study into this theory, he finally published it in 1915. At this time, he concluded that a distortion in space time can happen due to massive objects, and he felt this as gravity.

While space time is best defined as a type of fused continuum, it is still not completely understood. It is useful in physics, but scientists and students alike are still seeking more detailed information on this concept.

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