What Is A Space Probe?

what is a space probe?

What Is A Space Probe?


A space probe is a type of unmanned, unpiloted device that is sent to space to gather scientific information and explore. These probes have been sent to asteroids, all of the solar system’s planets, the moon and to comets.

The Different Types of Space Probes

There are three types of space probes, including orbiters, interplanetary and landers. In 2013, there were five probes on Mars alone, seeking to gather data about the planet.

How a Space Probe Travels

Space probes have been used to learn about outer space since the 1950s. Some will operate on the land of a planet while others go far out into the solar system. Some will go out to space and not return, while others will come back and deliver data and samples to scientists on Earth. In most cases, radio technology is used to transmit the data back to earth.

Space Probe History

On October 4, 1957, the first probe was sent into space and it was called Sputnik 1. The former Soviet Union launched it. It was in 1958 when the United States sent Explorer 1, another probe, into space. These two probes focused on learning more about Earth from the perspective of space. They also provided information about what being in space was like. In 1962, a probe called Mariner 2 became the first to examine another planet and its focus was on Venus. It was able to tell scientists that this planet was indeed very hot in terms of temperature.

The space probe is another tool that scientists have to help solve the mysteries of space. It also makes it possible for people to keep an eye on the events of the solar system, and to determine when massive changes happen or new discoveries are made.

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