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Three Asteroids Will Pass By Earth Today

Three Asteroids Will Pass By Earth Today

NEOShield, an organization dedicated to impact threats on our planet, has spotted three asteroids that will pass by Earth today.

Asteroids 2006LH, 2010XN, and 2006XD2 are all going to pass by our planet today (Wednesday, December 21). The objects range in size; the first asteroid is 45 meters (148 feet) whereas the third is the largest at 260 meters (853 feet) in diameter. The larger asteroid is currently moving at 8.5 miles per second and the smaller at 5.8 miles per second.

Don’t fret, these asteroids are not going to impact Earth. They are classified as ‘near-misses’ in astronomical terms. The smaller asteroid will be passing earth at 14.5 times the Earth to Moon distance, and the larger asteroid (2006XD2) will pass at 18.9 times that distance.

There are currently around 15,000 near earth objects orbiting our planet within 0.12 billion miles from the sun. Thankfully for us we have agencies who monitor this type of activity.

If 2006XD2 were to impact Earth, it’s predicted to be 100,000 times less powerful than that of the Dinosaur killing asteroid from millions of years ago. It would not threaten life on our planet as we know it.

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