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Strange Photo Of The Moon Is Driving Flat-Earthers Crazy

Moon or iceberg?
Strange Photo Of The Moon Is Driving Flat-Earthers Crazy

A “rectangular” moon photographed over the Maine coastline has captured the furor of flat-earth theorists world wide. The images taken by amateur astronomer John Stetson show a moon with a reddish hue, covered by clouds that appear to make it look like an ‘iceberg’.

Stetson himself tells that the “rising Moon looked like an iceberg… faint and shaped like a giant block of ice,”

Strange Photo Of The Moon Is Driving Flat-Earthers
Moon, or iceberg? Credit: John Stetson/


Now here’s what actually happened – and what caused the moon to appear as a strange phenomena. In a Facebook post detailing the issue atmospheric optics expert Les Cowley explains: “John says ‘..the Moon looked likean iceberg.’ That’s appropriate because this mirage is a result of cold water. The cold sea offshore of Maine cooled the air above it. Above that was warmer air – a temperature inversion and the stuff of mock-mirages. The Moon’s rays passing through it bend and twist into several moon images, some upright some inverted. They combine together into the rectangular ‘iceberg.'”

Sorry to disappoint those who believe this is an iceberg or optical illusion, it appears the phenomena was caused by a temperature inversion that cause a mirage. This is our moon. 

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