SpaceX Announces Identity Of World’s First Private Lunar Passenger

SpaceX Announces Identity Of World's First Private Lunar Passenger

At a Monday evening press conference held at the SpaceX Los Angeles headquarters, Elon Musk announced who will be the world’s first ever lunar passenger.

Not only did this person purchase their own seat, they also purchased seats for six to eight musicians, photographers, architects, and other artists who want to join the mission to the moon.

Our hero in question? Entrepreneurial billionaire Yusaku Maezawa. Maezawa’s fortune stems from founding China’s largest online fashion mall ZozoTown, and it appears he wants to share that fortune with interested artist parties. Maezawa did not disclose how much the trip has cost him, but he has stated it will be free for all selected attending artists. Musk estimates the trip cost at roughly $5 billion.


“Ever since I was a kid, I have loved the moon. Just staring at the moon filled my imagination. It’s always there and it’s continued to inspire humanity. That is why I could not pass up this opportunity to see the moon up close, and at the same time I did not want to have such a fantastic experience by myself.” say Maezawa.

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Lauren Webber
Lauren studies astronomy and physics at NYU.