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Seth MacFarlane Is Taking On Space With ‘The Orville’ On Fox

With shows like Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, and American Dad!, which are huge hits for the Fox Network, irreverent comedian Seth MacFarlane is about to launch his foray into the space genre with a Star Trek spoof called The Orville. Set 400 years into the future, The Orville is the name of a midlevel ship assigned to Captain Ed Mercer (played by MacFarlane) who as one admiral explains, “is nobody’s first choice, but we have too many damn ships, and not enough captains”.

With CBS set to launch the newest incarnation of a Star Trek series at an unspecified time, The Orville is a perfectly-timed parody of one of America’s most beloved genres. While Fox is keeping a tight lid on the details, it has released a trailer for the show which has been generating excitement for a lot of folks who love the space action genre, but haven’t had a lot to get excited over in recent years.

Strange new characters will be introduced.


The show will feature a cast of both humans and aliens in a Federation-like world where the captain’s ex-wife is also his first officer. MacFarlane, who is also a producer of the Neil DeGrasse Tyson version of Cosmos has always been passionate about science and science fiction. His foray into the world of SciFi is one of this season’s most anticipated offerings. While still in pre-production, the show seems ready to boast an eclectic cast with interesting characters, and a solid storyline that will satisfy both those who enjoy comedy and Sci-Fi alike.

Robots and astronauts are set to be characters in the show.


It appears that MacFarlane’s history of success with Fox has opened them up to allowing him to pursue what many Fox executives say is his dream project. The show will premier on Thursdays in the Fall of 2017.

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