Scientists from Denmark’s National Space Institute have published a paper looking into weird blue flashes spotted above the earth, originally captured by Andreas Mogensen in 2015.

In the THOR experiment of the IRISS Mission Andreas Mogensen captures lightning, blue jets and sprites from the International Space Station. Andreas Mogensen has filmed a thunderstorm over India from the Cupola, a glass compartment underneath the Space Station. The film shows lightning illuminating the clouds, a blue jet (up to 50 km altitude) and Red Sprites (60-80 km altitude).

Often reported by astronauts and high-altitude pilots, the formation of sprites is still not entirely understood. However new experiments such as THOR should shed light in the coming future.

THOR is a collaboration between the Technical University of Denmark, National Space Institute (DTU Space), Danish Meteorological Institute, Commisariate a l’Energie Atomique and Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Israel. It is conducted with ESA and NASA from the International Space Station.