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Russian Space Agency Claims Hole In The ISS May Have Been Deliberately Drilled

Russian Newspaper Claiming U.S. Astronauts Drilled The Hole In The ISS

The head of Roscosmos, Dimitry Rogozin, has said that he believes the hole found in the ISS was not an accident and could have been drilled intentionally.

Rogozin spoke with media on October 1st to say that russian investigators have been looking into the cause of the hole, according to the AFP. Saying that a manufacturing defect has been ruled out as the cause:

“It [the investigation] concluded that a manufacturing defect had been ruled out, which is important to establish the truth. “Where it was made will be established by a second commission, which is at work now.” Initially, the hole was thought to be caused by a meteorite fragment, but markings around the hole that appear to be drill marks have investigators suspicious.

Russian Newspaper Claiming U.S. Astronauts Drilled The Hole In The ISS
Markings near the hole suggest it is more likely that a drill was used, than an impact from a meteorite.


The hole that was located in August (in the Russian made Soyuz) was quickly sealed up but speculation led to a great deal of controversy over the cause. Russia at first had accused the U.S. of creating the hole but than backed off from the claim.

The current ISS commander, US astronaut Drew Feustel, called the suggestion that the crew was somehow involved “embarrassing”.

Russia continues to investigate, and last month they even claimed to have identified the individual responsible, although they weren’t able to divulge their intentions (deliberate or by mistake), nor confirm this is fact.


It’s unclear what the end result of this investigation will be. It seems highly unlikely that this would be a deliberate event from any members on board.

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