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Russian Newspaper Claiming U.S. Astronauts Drilled The Hole In The ISS

Russian Newspaper Claiming U.S. Astronauts Drilled The Hole In The ISS

A Russian newspaper, Kommersant, is now claiming that astronauts from the United States are being considered as suspects in the ISS hole mystery.

The accusation is said to come from an unknown source within the Roscosmos organization, the individual allegedly noted that the investigation “cannot exclude an unsanctioned access by the Americans.”

A theory as to why the Americans would sabotage the ISS has emerged on ArsTechnica, whereby “one of the American crew members… got ill sometime in August. The motive for the sabotage seems to be that NASA did not want to pay the entire cost of a new Soyuz [to return the crewmember to Earth], probably about $85 million.”

The issue started on August 29th when a slow leak was found in a section of the ISS which was traced back to a small hole in the Soyuz spacecraft. The hole was patched up and repaired rapidly, which actually led to a rather interesting moment you can click through below, where an astronaut literally touched space with his bare hands.

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The primary theories postulated that a micro-meteriod hit the station and caused the hole, but images of the hole show suspicious drill like marks around the hole, giving rise to serious allegations.

Dmitry Rogozin, CEO of Rocosmos, is taking the matter very seriously. “We are considering all the theories. The one about a meteorite impact has been rejected because the spaceship’s hull was evidently impacted from inside. However, it is too early to say definitely what happened. But, it seems to be done by a faltering hand.” says Rogozin.

However Rogozin has recently come out in a post on Facebook to quell any rumours of US astronaut involvement. In his words, the theories were “designed to subvert the friendly relations among the crew members of the space station.”


One of the Astronauts on the station, Drew Feustal, appeared on ABC news last night and stated clearly that “I can unequivocally say that the crew had nothing to do with this”.

Drew Feustel denying any wrong-doing.

We’re inclined to agree with Rogozin on the matter, that these theories were designed to disrupt an other-wise peaceful environment that lives beyond the political boundaries of our planet. Hopefully, we can quell this matter once and for all soon enough.


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