NASA Spots Giant Hole In The Sun

NASA has spotted a giant hole in the sun via its Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) spacecraft.

On December 2nd, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) spacecraft had spotted a significant “coronal hole” in its line of sight on the Sun. These holes are suspected to be regions of the Sun where magnetic fields stretch into space, and spew streams of high speed solar wind into space.

This process creates the black spot seen here; the black spot is a cooler region of temperature on the Sun’s surface that can allow harmful solar winds to escape at damaging speeds.

Solar storms have caused significant issues on our planet before. The hot gasses and solar winds being expelled can cause geomagnetic interference which can run amuck on our power grids here at home. Depending on the amount of gasses and solar wind, there can be varying effects.

NASA has said that this hole may actually point to Earth within a week or so which could send solar particles towards us. They do believe that this particular event is unlikely to cause any severe disruptions however, so this is not a matter to be frightened by.

It’s more likely that any upcoming solar winds interact with our atmosphere and produce substantial aurora.

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