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How Long Is A Year On Venus?

One year on Venus is equal to approximately 225 days on Earth.
how long is a year on venus

Venus is well-known for being a very gaseous planet, but many are not familiar with some of the other basic facts. For example, it is not common knowledge how long a year lasts on this planet compared to a year on earth. Learning a little more about the passage time gives you a deeper understanding of how Venus operates.

How Long is a Year on Venus?

Unlike most of the other planets in the solar system, Venus orbits in the direction opposite to the Earth’s rotation. While it rotates very slowly, time still passes quickly and a year on Venus is equal to approximately 225 days on Earth. What is especially interesting is that since it rotates at such a slow pace, a year and a day on Venus are almost identical. A single day on Venus is equal to approximately 243 days on Earth, so the days on this planet are slightly longer than an entire Venus year.

how long is a year on venus?
Hemispheric View of Venus Centered at 270° East Longitude. Credit: NASA/JPL/USGS

Breaking Down a Year on Venus

Venus has four seasons, but the change is so minimal that they are not noticeable like they are on Earth. This is due to several factors, including the slight axial tilt, eccentric orbit and atmospheric nature. These two planets also differ in how the sun sets and rises on each planet. On Earth, the sun sets at night and rises each morning. However, on Venus, the sun only rises every 117 Earth days. So, during an entire year on this planet, the sun will only rise two times and it will do this on the same exact day. Due to the retrograde rotation of Venus, the sun will set in the east and rise in the west.

Now you know more about the timeline you would live by if you ever lived on Venus. This gives you a basic understanding and helps to enhance your overall knowledge of space.

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