‘Another’ Giant Spoon On Mars?

giant spoon on mars

Amateur astronomy enthusiasts have spotted what appears to be another large spoon on the surface of mars.

Pointed out by the curators of YouTube channel SecureTeam, a spoon is seen in an image taken by NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover from way back in March of 2016.

The video calls the find ‘The Secret History of Mars’. We highly doubt the claim and suspect it’s just an odd shaped rock. It’s a shape represented in our minds resemblant of items we’re socialized too (pareidolia) – like when you make shapes in the clouds. This spotting is not unlike the time astronomers thought they saw a space slug on the surface of pluto.

Oddly, this is the second time a spoon shaped rock has been found on Mars. In September 2015 people speculated about a floating spoon rock on the surface. At the time NASA Mars Curiosity tweeted: “There is no spoon. This weird Mars feature is likely a ventifact – a rock shaped by wind.”

It’s likely that the rock is shaped by winds and dust storms that are common on Mars’ surface.

Suspected Pareidolia has been the cause of multiple astronomical sightings. It’s imperative to read between the lines and dig deep on astronomical finds.

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Jamie is an amateur astronomer and every day space geek.