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How Far Is Venus From Earth?

How Far Is Venus From Earth?

Venus is the second planet from the sun. It is next to Earth. At the farthest distance, Venus is approximately 162 million miles from Earth. However, at its closest, it is just a mere 24 million miles away from Earth.

Exploring Venus’s Orbit

Both Earth and Venus travel around the sun in ellipses. This is what causes the constant shift in their distance from each other. If you are looking at Earth days, it takes Venus about 224.7 days to get around the sun. So, about every 584 days, Earth and Venus are at their closest distance from each other.

The most circular orbit in space is found with Venus. This makes its average distance from the sun approximately 67 million miles. At its furthest, this is about 67.7 million miles and at its closest, about 66.7 million miles. It was Galileo who discovered that this planet orbited the sun and not Earth.

Fun Facts About Venus

The brightest planet in the sky is Venus and this is not because it is the closest to the sun. Mercury is the closest. The brightness is due to the cloudy and thick atmosphere that is present on Venus. This works to reflect the light better than other planets, especially Mercury where the atmosphere is mostly rocky. Even at its dimmest, Venus is often the brightest thing in the sky, even brighter than the stars.

It is easy to see why astronomers go into studying space. With varying distances between the planets and so many interesting things to learn, it is a field that is constantly evolving. While the distance between Venus and Earth is not likely to change any time soon, there are still other interesting things to learn about the second planet from the sun.

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