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How Far Is Uranus From Earth?

How Far Is Uranus From Earth?

Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun. It is four planets further away than Earth. However, from Earth, the distance is approximately 1.98 billion miles at their furthest. At their closest, the two planets are about 1.6 billion miles apart.

Looking at Uranus’s Orbit

The distance between the two planets fluctuates because both are in orbit and constantly moving. It takes about 84 Earth years for Uranus to go around the sun. It travels using an elliptical orbit. Uranus is about 1.79 billion miles from the sun at its closest and 1.89 billion miles at its farthest. With such a long orbit, it is trickier to visit this planet compared to those, such as Venus and Mars. It could take a century for the conditions to be ideal for travel. One spacecraft has made the trip and this was in January of 1986 when it made a pass by the planet.

Cool Facts About Uranus

Uranus has an icy composition and considering all of the planets in the solar system, it has the coldest atmosphere. You cannot just see this planet with the naked eye. You will need to have a telescope and it was actually the first planet that was discovered using a telescope. This discovery happened in 1781 and Sir William Herschel is credited with this discovery. The temperature on this planet is cold due to its distance from the sun. In fact, it can get as cold as negative 371 degrees Fahrenheit.

Uranus is a planet that still needs a lot of research. Its distance from Earth makes it a bit harder to learn about. However, with increases in technology and scientific thinking, even 1.98 billion miles is not able to stop scientists from learning more about this planet and resolving some of the mystery.

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