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The Final Trailer For Valerian Is Here And It’s Stunning

The final trailer for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets has arrived and it's everything we've hoped for. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is a crazy sci-fi film from the mind of Luc Besson, the epic director who brought us the Fifth Element. The movie stars Dane DeHaan and Cara [...]

The “Alien Megastructure” Star Is Flickering Again

The "Alien Megastructure" debate has yet to end. Late in 2015 it was reported that Tabby's star (KIC 8462852) was seen exhibiting massive dips in it's brightness. This phenomena is extremely un-natural and could indicate a wide range of possibilities. It could be an object blocking the star's light path to Earth, some unknown process [...]

NASA Detects Human Made Barrier Surrounding Earth

In amazing twist of events, human technology may actually be doing something good for the planet. Since the 1960’s humans have been using Very Low Frequency radio waves to communicate navigation signals and time signals to various other radios. Since the bandwidth is so low, voice communication is impractical, but VLF has been used successfully [...]

Failed Computer Replaced During U.S. Astronauts’ Spacewalk

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (Reuters) - Two U.S. astronauts completed a hastily planned spacewalk outside the International Space Station on Tuesday to replace a computer that failed on Saturday, NASA said. Station commander Peggy Whitson assembled a new computer from spare parts aboard the station and installed it during a 2.5-hour spacewalk as the orbiting outpost [...]

Could This Mysterious ‘Cold Spot’ Be Evidence Of A Parallel Universe?

Scientists have a love-hate relationship with anomalies. On the one hand, science is the attempt to bring rational order to the chaos of possible explanations, models, and interpretations for what we see when we look out into the great void that is space. Such is the case of another great void in the cosmic background [...]

Teenager Creates World’s Lightest Satellite, NASA Will Launch It

While NASA routinely recruits the best and brightest the US has to offer, that hasn’t stopped from looking beyond the echo chamber of scientific consensus for outside the box approaches to various problems. One program, "Cubes in Space" seeks out students aged 11-18 to compete in a satellite design competition. This year’s winner, 18 year [...]

SpaceX Will Send Your Ashes To Space For $2,490

Consider the history of mankind’s ritual death ceremonies, perhaps having your loved ones shot into space doesn’t qualify anywhere near the oddest or most elaborate, yet in this day and age folks can now arrange funerals centered around the event. Elysium Space, a San Francisco funeral home offers a number of space-based funerals to memorialize [...]

Seth MacFarlane Is Taking On Space With ‘The Orville’ On Fox

With shows like Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, and American Dad!, which are huge hits for the Fox Network, irreverent comedian Seth MacFarlane is about to launch his foray into the space genre with a Star Trek spoof called The Orville. Set 400 years into the future, The Orville is the name of a midlevel [...]

KELT-11b Is A ‘Styrofoam’ Exoplanet That Could Float On Water

KELT-11b is one of the brightest transiting exoplanets in the southern hemisphere. It's one fifth the size of Jupiter, but is most famous for it's 'inflated atmosphere' that is often described as similar to styrofoam. It's entirely possible that KELT-11b (a true gas giant) could float on water. The planet was discovered during the KELT [...]

Physicists Use Einstein’s ‘Spooky’ Entanglement To Invent Super-Sensitive Gravitational Wave Detector

David Blair, University of Western Australia The first direct detection of gravitational waves, a phenomenon predicted by Einstein’s 1915 general theory of relativity, was reported by scientists in 2016. Armed with this “discovery of the century”, physicists around the world have been planning new and better detectors of gravitational waves. Physicist Professor Chunnong Zhao and [...]