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Most People Believe In UFOs

With the new episodes having been released, The X-Files are no longer a thing of the past, and people are rethinking the concept of alien life with the help of various art forms and formats of modern media. The interest in the topic has been growing so much that nowadays, there is talk of it [...]

Can Life Exist Where There Currently Is None?

Each day we get a little closer to the things we used to think impossible, and developing life on another planet seems to be one of them. There are many facts pointing in that direction, but one of the most impressive things we have done lately is proving that we can make embryos develop completely [...]

How World War III Almost Erupted in Space

The Cold War era was full of threats of nuclear annihilation. There are those better known ones such as the Cuban Missile Crisis, but there are also some that slipped under history’s radar. One such incident happened in 1967, when the US was almost tricked into attacking the Soviet Union. But this time the reason [...]

How To Get A Tan In Space

When we think about getting a tan, most people think about the warmth and light emanating from the Sun. Although the amount of photons we get from the Sun is enormous, did you know that we are also bombarded by a lot of light from far beyond the Sun? Yes, that’s right – part of [...]

What Are The Real Effects Of Space Travel On Your Body?

If you have ever seen a movie about space exploration, you probably have a couple of ideas about the effect of travelling in space stuck in your head. Most people grew up watching SF movies in which people aged more slowly in space than they did on Earth – it is the well-known twin paradox. [...]

Here’s Why It’s So Difficult To Perform Surgery In Space

Before they even go into space astronauts have to be in tip-top shape. They also receive mandatory basic medical training in the event of an injury or illness. This is why serious medical emergencies in space are quite rare – only around 1 to 2 percent. Still, they happen, so in this article we will [...]

How To Fight Boredom In Space

When we think about the life of an astronaut, we usually think about them working on the space station. But what we don’t think about is their free time or what they do with it. A lot of astronauts spend months at a time in space and they are confined in the same rooms throughout [...]

Can We Communicate With Aliens?

Ever since human kind can remember, we have always wanted to learn, solve and discover. But there is still one question which we haven’t been able to answer – Are we alone in the Universe? Some people believe that the possibility of humans being the only developed species is so minute, it’s not even worth [...]

Can You Get Drunk In Space?

When talking about astronauts, a lot of people imagine them as being highly-trained, highly-capable, smart and responsible. While they are all that and more, they are, of course, still human. And when you look at it from that angle, it is natural to want to ask certain questions about their time in space. One of [...]

Think Your Flu Was Bad, Try Having It In Outer Space

If you think you’ve got it hard when you are sick, imagine what it is like for astronauts in outer space! A very small problem here can pose a really large threat in space. Here is what happens when someone gets sick while in space. Dr. Leonard Mermel, who works at Brown University and Rhode [...]