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Can Life Exist Where There Currently Is None?


Each day we get a little closer to the things we used to think impossible, and developing life on another planet seems to be one of them. There are many facts pointing in that direction, but one of the most impressive things we have done lately is proving that we can make embryos develop completely even in space. This has sparked interest in the possibility of colonizing other planets, and here we are going to talk about how exactly something like that could happen.

There is a large number of scientists who believe that beings from Earth are not the only living creatures in the universe. Apart from having company, this would also mean that our home is not the only choice for us when it comes to sustaining life. Our galaxy alone contains billions of planets, at least one of which could be turned into a habitable zone for human beings. There are still plenty of questions to which we need to find answers, as well as various technologies we need to develop in order to be able to proceed with our space investigations, but we already have a vague idea of how we could make it possible for the human race to live somewhere else.

NASA is currently in the process of using the most advanced technology to find all the habitable zones in our galaxy. Detecting planets that resemble Earth has been made possible by the improvement of our space telescope technology. The search is mostly focused on finding planets of Earth’s size that are close to stars and have liquid water. This would provide the basic conditions for sustaining human life, but even then the scientists’ job is not nearly finished.

After deciding on a planet, we will still need to make a lot of necessary changes to it in order to make it habitable. This is because the chances of finding a planet that is the same as Earth, when it comes to atmosphere and the type of life it is able to sustain, are next to nothing. However, if it is a place that can satisfy our need for air, light and water, we will be able to survive and use our technology to take care of our other needs. We have already managed to grow plants in space, meaning that we could adjust to the conditions we find in our new home.

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Jamie Stevens
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