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What Is The Biggest Planet In The Universe?

What Is The Biggest Planet In The Universe?

When thinking about the largest planet, most people think about Jupiter since it is common to focus just on this solar system. However, when you are looking at the universe as a whole, you have to head to the constellation Hercules to find the biggest one and it is known as TRES4.

What is the TRES4 Planet?

Of all of the planets that scientists have discovered over the years, TRES4 is the largest one so far. Per cubic centimeter, this planet has a mean density of just 0.2 grams. When you want to better understand the density, you can compare it to that of balsa wood. On its upper atmosphere, the pull is quite weak. Scientists say that this likely allows some of the atmosphere to escape in the form of a tail, similar to that of a comet.

The Constellation Hercules

This constellation is a northern one that is found between Corona Borealis and Lyra. The brightest star in the constellation is Ras Algethi and it is often said to be the sky’s brightest star. It is a type of red giant. If you have a telescope, you can see the M13 globular star cluster within this constellation, but it is usually not visible to the naked eye.

Comparing TRES4 to Jupiter

In this solar system, Jupiter is the giant in the sky. Compared to Jupiter’s diameter, TRES4 is approximately 70 percent larger. Now, in terms of mass, Jupiter still wins since TRES4 only has about 80 percent of the mass.

You can see that TRES4 is certainly a space giant. Learning more about this planet and its constellation show you that space is even bigger than you imagined. Just remember that there is also so much more to explore too.

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